Australian Shepherds



AKC/ASCA Ch Precisions Nothing Up My Sleeve

OFA hips Good, Elbows Normal

CERF Clear yearly

Full dentition, scissors bite

MDR1 Neg/non-carrier

HSF4 Neg/non-carrier

CEA Neg/non-carrier

Cone Degeneration Neg/non-carrier

K9 Hyperuricosuria Neg/non-carrier

CMR1 Neg/non-carrier

DM Neg/Carrier 1 copy

PRCD Neg/non-carrier

CMCD Neg/non-carrier

Negative for all of the traits below

Natural bob tail

A-Locus Agouti (brindle copper)

Not red factored

Dilute MLPH gene


E-Locus NC1R (yellow)

Blk hair follicular dysplasia